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Email – tyrellatti@gmail.com

Phone – +91-9167100426

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Album Description

1) Album Introduction

2) Disclaimer

3) Main Album Description


1) Album Introduction

With God’s Grace, Tyrell Mendez is tickled pink to blast-off his eponymous debut album which is entirely a self-produced venture. The 15-Song album shall soon be internationally available in digital and physical format on his website, through organized retail, and on major digital music stores.

© 2016 Tyrell Mendez. All Rights Reserved.

Album Literature, Album Music, Choreography,

Photography, and Cinematography are Copyrighted Content.

For information please visit – www.tyrellmendez.com



Entire Pursuit Conceptualized and Directed by Tyrell Mendez.

Tyrell Mendez – Vocalist, Lyricist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Sole Director, Music Composer & Producer, Choreography, Cinematography, Marketing & Business.

Janet Mendez – Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist, Photography & Costume Design.

Special thanks to Jesus Christ for the seamless flow of affairs. God Bless.

2) Disclaimer

Dear friends,

I put love and rigorous effort into every aspiration that I undertake. I have been acting in the capacity of an entertainer, and I have no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. In life you can’t sell everything to everyone. A joke or two may not go well with certain people. So please try to understand that I do not intend to cause any harm to any person, group, institute, etc. At times you will find certain things high on humor, and I would be grateful if you appreciate my work with a sporting spirit. Limiting my creative faculty and ability of expression could detrimentally drain the life out of my conceptions. If you choose to witness my creativity, then it is assumed that you have read this disclaimer and have agreed to interpret my work with a sporting spirit. I have however crosschecked to see that everything I do does not cross the general limits on grounds of rationality. I am here to entertain, and I do not intend to cause pain. I love you all. God Bless.

                                                                                                                    – Tyrell Mendez

3) Main Album Description

Dear friends,

With matchless gratitude, I dedicate my debut album which is entirely a self produced venture to God, to my earthly mother Janet Mendez, and to all my supportive fans. My success begins only when I am happy with the final outcome of the things that I devise. I have failed innumerable times trying to get each subtle nuance epitomize excellence, and each failure opened up a new window compounding my purview of life. I thank God for the mental strength he has given me to work under certain herculean circumstances. I am grateful to God and my parents for giving me just the required resources I needed to keep this philharmonic pursuit illuminated. Having an unearned excess could have probably led me to think that earning money is the easiest thing to do, when actually spending unearned money is. I have endorsed a belief in the fact that the formula to success cannot be taught, but only learnt. Having many educational degrees doesn’t make you more successful than someone who couldn’t afford it. Consider the self-made billionaire who couldn’t afford an education, but has risen from stark poverty to exquisite luxury with nothing backing him except his own mental blueprint. Being highly qualified doesn’t mean being highly accomplished. I value people by their self made fortune, and I do not take their ancestral inheritance into account. Who is more accomplished between those born rich, and those who were born poor, but have achieved much more than ancestral parasites? Jesus once said that a tree is known by its fruit. Similarly, I only recognize achievement. A man who achieves nothing in life cannot expect to be respected for his ancestor’s effort. I respect every human being on humanitarian grounds, but what matters the most is where you stand with regard to the concept of comparative respect, especially when you are compared to the highly accomplished. I do not intend to insult anyone, but I am trying to encourage everyone to make a financial success in life irrespective of their educational background or level of accomplishment. I want you to outperform everyone else in human existence through your own efforts without employing any dishonest means. Living on someone else’s effort is an insult to your own potential capacity rendering you the life of a leech. Why sponge on others who may not be even half as talented as you? It is better to fail by your own efforts rather than to live off the efforts of others. After all failure is the greatest intangible teacher who charges you nothing, but teaches you everything. Please do not misunderstand my straightforward stand on the virtue of independence. I wish you all the very best for your journey through life. I love you all. God Bless.

                                                                                                                   – Tyrell Mendez


Tyrell Mendez

 Interests —> Music, Show Business, Philosophy, Literature, Commerce, Economics.

My Awards & Achievements.

2013 – Channel V Honda Campus Stud 2nd Runner-up 2013. (Mumbai Zonal)
2013 – Malhar Hatke Reporter Contest Winner 2013. (St. Xavier’s College)
2012 – Mr. Aakarshan Winner 2012. (MMK College)
2012 – Theresian King 2nd Runner-up 2012. (St. Theresa’s Church Bandra)
2012 – Mr. Adorea Runner-up 2012. (Wilson College)
2012 – Mr. Kiran Winner 2012. (KC College)
2012 – Mr. Desi Day Winner 2012. (St. Andrew’s College)
2011 – Bombay Times Fresh Face Contest Winner 2011. (St. Andrew’s College)
2011 – Mr. Aakarshan Winner 2011. (MMK College)
Won many other competitions related to literature, oratory, music, entertainment, etc.