1) Chocolate Boy

Chocolate Boy – Description
An evocative introduction – Men mostly want money, women want everything. All men truly have one common desire. Similarly, all women have one common desire, although women want everything.
An important question – What is that one common feminine desire which still remains an unfulfilled feminine dream?
Breaking news – Tonight that dream is going to come true.

Note of Caution.
The postman has just arrived with two letters. One letter is perfumed, and the other letter looks gloomy. Both of them are strictly confidential. One letter is for the boys, and the other letter is for the girls. You still appear to be very inquisitive today. Please ensure to be a bit sporting, if you curiously choose to read both of the letters.

Strictly confidential. (Only for the boys)
To all the chivalrous dudes in distress,
Congratulations! You have done beyond your best. Each dinner date in those luxurious banquets she enjoyed, each expensive bottle of champagne she celebrated, each swanky car she travelled in, and all that glittering jewelry she flaunted at those fashionable parties, she owed it all to you. You became a millionaire from a billionaire, and still you have failed to satisfy her perpetual insatiability. What is the only dream which she considers to be her most treasured secret? Why does her face always exhibit that one unfulfilled dream even after you’ve outperformed a superman on steroids? Have you ever asked her about that ultimate dream? Try asking her, but she will not tell you, because that dream is priceless. It’s a dream that can only be fulfilled by the king of her dreams.
– Your worst nightmare has come true!

Strictly confidential. (Only for the girls)
To all of my lovely sweethearts,
This song is your birthright. You always impatiently wait for the sun to set, because you confidently know, that your greatest fancy shall passionately enter your receptive nest. Please turn off the lights only after you’ve put on your aromatic best. You are already saturated with sensual expectations, and therefore you must carefully shut those beautiful eyes, the slower, the better, do take your time, and start dreaming about the reason that is responsible for you having such a sweet tooth. You quickly realize, that I have always been your unfulfilled feminine dream, and that is why you enthusiastically look forward to our nocturnal intimacy. The king has joyfully arrived to satisfy your unfulfilled dream, because your desire is indeed his wonderland. Suddenly, all of your platelets start to shift with delirious excitement which enable your senses to experience a convulsive earthquake. Your boiling blood vessels produce humongous energy which finally coagulates your insatiable feminine dream like a blocked volcano. Your senses ultimately explode like an uncontrollable volcano that is sizzling in satisfaction. Our consciousness has surely vanished, because we are finally celebrating romantic weightlessness. Relax darling, I know that you are reluctant to condescend from our interminable ecstasy to earth, because of your heart which is happily pumping the color of love. You are well aware, that nightmares are only for boys. They just don’t exist in the life of a pretty girl. It’s just a secret ecstasy between you and me. You will never consider cruising the world in search of me in another, because you are so sure, that each potential suitor you shall audition will be worse than the previous. You very well know, that you’ll always come back to me every night of your life, because you only want the chocolate boy in your arms. There is one promise, that I have to make, before the sun gets ready to shine. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart, and I promise to come back to you every night of your life, because it is my pleasure to make that one unfulfilled dream of yours come true. Now you can gently open those adorable eyes dear. This is indeed the best dream, that any girl has ever had, and will ever have until the end of time. See you again tonight.

– The Chocolate Boy

Chocolate Boy – Lyrics

You’ll want the chocolate boy, ’cause he’ll make your dreams come true.
You’ll want no other toy, ’cause he’ll make you feel brand-new.
Hey girls, I’m in town. Your sweetheart is waiting for you.
Tonight is your chance. I’m all set to make dreams come true.

Verse 1
Your boyfriend is like a stalking fox.
Your grapes are sour. He’s Mr. Dross.
You are sick of him. He acts so strange.
Have chocolate boy. You need a change.

I’ll always love you for the human being you are.
I am your sweeter half. I am your chocolate star.
If you had a bad, blue past, just forget those pungent hours.
Tonight your dreams have come true.
The chocolate boy is in your arms.


Verse 2
You want him hot. He rules your thoughts.
No other guy flaunts what he’s got.
You’re bored of dolls. You want a dude.
You need a toy. A chocolate boy.

Pre-Chorus, Chorus, & Solo

Verse 3
You hear the girls. They love to talk.
They can’t resist the macho jock.
They like my locks, envy my talks,
I’m just so crisp like sinful malt.

Is it just imagination or a pink fascination?
I’m falling in love with each one of you.
Buy shares of my heart! I’m your chocolate mart.
But the left-out girls! And what will they do?
They’re longing for me. Without me, they’re blue.

Verse 4
Don’t waste your time. Just take my hand.
I want to be your chocolate boy.
Please do realize, you’re out of style.
I can revive your boring life.