10) The Smile of Gold

The Smile of Gold – Description
What’s not in a smile? A rich man may bankroll the world, but he may be a snob to deal with. A humble man may not have a plenitude of deep pockets to turn turtle, but his smile shall win the pivoting water balloon with seamless ease. Do you know what happens when there is an intemperate focus on adopting a stony-hearted approach like refusing to appreciate your employees, because you assume that they aren’t doing you a favor, as you are paying them a salary at the end of the day? Here are the ramifications! Waning proletariat morale shall insidiously break the backbone of the global economy. Nations will go broke, currencies will fold, and gold will be sold to save the economy from hold, because the winter of recession will be too cold. There is only one policy which can help us save the global economy from absolute collapse.

We truly have to show the globe, how to gift a smile of gold.
– Tyrell Mendez

Personal Note
I’ve intentionally made this socially influential song a mellifluous amalgamation of romance and amity, as both occupy a side each of the multi-faceted diamond called love.
– Tyrell Mendez

The Smile of Gold – Lyrics

Verse 1
Take my smile of gold. Take my sword of hope.
A united globe is the strongest fort.
We’re not fortified, only money-wise.
I think we need to go to our home sweet home.

Pre-Chorus 1
Well you kept me waiting in the winter cold.
“Memory lane,” they call it. A lonely road!
As the birds keep chirping, they’ll sing a song for sure.
Hear the church bells ringing. The Sunday feels like home!

The smile of gold. The smile of gold.
The smile of gold. It never turns old!
The smile of gold. The smile of gold. It never turns old!

Verse 2
Please don’t shut the door like those TV soaps!
For my better half, there’s a song I wrote.
I’ve bought a radiant flower for the sweetest girl.
I just fell in love with those auburn curls.

Pre-Chorus 2
Please don’t test my patience! Keep the jokes on hold!
I’m your lucky charm, so darling let our love unfurl.
You’re so tantalizing! You keep my hopes afloat.
When we break the ice, you’ll see the smile of gold.

Chorus & Solo 1

Verse 3
Don’t you chase your pride? It’s a tensed-up life.
Take my free advice. Help the poor dream bright.
When you feel pressure, it takes a quantum-toll.
Spread the golden smile, ’cause the smile is in vogue.

Pre-Chorus 3
People forget smiling! Their joy is on ransom too!
Their money matters more! They’re not happy anymore!
If the world stops smiling, only two souls won’t.
And we’ll show the globe, how to gift a smile of gold.

Chorus & Solo 2

Let’s spread the smile! Let’s spread the smile!
We spread the, spread the smile.
Let’s spread the smile! We spread the smile!
We spread the, spread the smile. (2)

The smile of gold! (5)

Solo 1