11) It’s only a dream

It’s only a dream – Description
This is the first song, that I ever composed. The genesis began in an empty college classroom, many hours after college had concluded for the day. I joyfully sang the words, “Does it really matter?” I then pictured an audience enthusiastically respond, “When it’s only a dream!” It felt like as if I was singing to my future fans. I’ve always felt very optimistic about having a bright future ahead. This song is about people who are unhappy because of unrequited love. Love is indeed a wonderful part of life, but it can cause you a nasty heartache, when things don’t work out as expected. Honestly speaking, I didn’t actually experience such romantic anxiety, while creating the foundations of this musical arrangement. Therefore, you will surely consider yourself lucky, after you experience the sentimental ambience in this song. If you ever get depressed because of love, then think that it’s only a dream. – Tyrell Mendez

It’s only a dream – Lyrics

Verse 1
I wake up to see, it’s half past twelve.
Look to the left, you ain’t in my bed,
And I wake to see, it’s only a dream.
Waste of time, it’s a waste of a nap.
I made myself a midnight snack,
And I wake to see, it’s only a dream.

Bridge 1
It’s not a black hound. It’s a magical sound in me.
Like I’m lost and then found,
You make my world go round in dreams.

Verse 2
Ever wondered why the sky is so high?
Look around as time flies by,
And I wake to see, it’s only a dream.
Off to the moon with my fancy boots!
Regret telling you, I was indeed a fool.
In those dreams I’ve seen, you are so mean.

Bridge 1 and Solo 1

Does it really matter? When it’s only a dream! (2)

Verse 3
Waiting list, not the right place to be.
Something went wrong! Was it with me?
And I wake to see, it’s only a dream.
I rather get some sleep, it’s the need of the hour.
Let’s face the truth, we didn’t get very far.
Does it matter? When it’s only a dream!

Bridge 1, Chorus, & Solo 2

Verse 4
I can pass through life with these memories.
And feel you’re so close, as my mind does weep.
How I’d long to scream, life is a dream.
My heart has been through a panic attack.
My state of being has seen a relapse.
‘Cause without you, life kicks me.

Bridge 1

Bridge 2
I can feel your kiss, and I can read your mind.
Let’s lock our lips, baby one more time.

Solo 3, Bridge 1, & Chorus