13) Gospel of St. Rock

Gospel of St. Rock – Description
Life is overflowing with unprecedented levels of tension,
And that’s exactly what’s driving people from mad to mental.
When you enforce your might, it all starts to weaken.
They’ll fight for their right to auscultate their heart’s true beacon.

Man must ensure to satiate his fourth basic need.
It is the entertainment urge at supreme value for the splurge.
Please prepare yourself for a party day,
because Tyrell Mendez knows exactly what you crave.
The only solution to your woes is a rock and roll overdose!

When Tyrell Mendez is in town,
The party bell is hit, as every stringent daily routine is down.
If the people in authority refuse a party day to the masses,
There shall be an irate display of super psycho-farces.

Things shall progress from hostile to bad,
And a revolt shall germinate that will drive everyone mad.
But refusing to have a party day already implies intrinsic madness.                                                             Now can there be a greater cause for sadness?

The only win-win situation for both the parties,
That either display madness currently or will have embraced madness shortly is to accept the fact, that it’s a party day, as Tyrell Mendez glams up the billboards with headlines fortified in bold which say that the only solution to your woes is a rock and roll overdose!

Moral of the Poetry – “To love Tyrell Mendez, you may be considered mad by some, but to hate him, you will surely be considered mad by everyone!” – St. Rock
(Fictional Patron Saint of Rock and Roll)

Gospel of St. Rock – Lyrics

Verse 1
Jam-packed, sold-out, long live, loud crowd.
For that glance of your smile, I’m proud to perform.
The fans, they come to hear me play.
The fans, they come to sing and sway.
There’s no time to relax! Is that the price you pay?
But I got you, and you make my day.

It means a lot to hear you shout!
I feel too good, and I love this crowd.
So thank you fans. Please stay that way. This song is yours.

It’s time to celebrate, ’cause it’s a party day.
‘Cause when we have our way, we have a lovely day.

Verse 2
When I come, the show stops. Go wild! Please shout!
The gospel of St. Rock states, “Rock and roll is the norm!”
The fans love it really loud. So turn up the bass!
The fans have got great taste. It’s a tribute to you for such a lovely view.                                                         So make some noise! You’re the best, I can have!

Pre-Chorus, Chorus, and Solo 1

Verse 3
Authority won’t understand, that your will are my songs.
But who cares, when St. Rock made rock and roll the call?
The fans and their urge to rock is what the gospel is all about.
Just satisfy your great urge to rock, when you sing the most peppy song.

Pre-Chorus, Chorus, and Solo 1

Fine time! Great crowd! Beyond, any doubt.
Let’s wrap up, and take a bow. Thank you fans! It’s curtain call!