14) Ghost Portfolio

Ghost Portfolio – Description
Didn’t you spend your childhood scribbling pentagrams on school furniture? You laughed when your mother bombarded you with threats about those cruel zombies who’d pulverize you, if you refused to obey her commands. You eagerly searched for evil, when you played those scary songs reverse on your music system. You also stubbornly clung to your hockey stick each full moon night, because you feared that the room may be terribly haunted. But still you found yourself amongst those kids who’d frequently invoke demons in their backyard. Your ambivalence is Janus-faced, as you are involved with evil, although you fear it. You are always engrossed in evil, because of your own intrinsic inclinations. Anyway, it’s good news, as the funniest song in the entertainment industry has hospitable ghosts. So don’t panic, when I dare you to say, “I’m not afraid, it was a nightmare!” – It’s the Ghost Portfolio!

Ghost Portfolio – Lyrics

You think you’re brave? Now you’ll be scared! Paging disaster!
It was your caprice! Now walk through the filth! Cover your own corpse with your cryptic quilt. Devoid of safety ’cause you act whimsical. Rest six feet under, now tombstone your guilt.

Verse 1
Never yell the intention, as haunted as it may seem.
Wicked house of odious horror, sublet on eager lease.
Ghastly ghosts in steadfast tandem, nestled viciously.
Consume them by ruthless fire! Cremation is the key!

It’s the ghost portfolio! Made to torment intruding rogues!
They’ll shatter up your status quo,
And wreck havoc with your healthy flow. Watch out!
Here comes the ghost portfolio!
Get ready to roast for your imbroglio!
Watch your body limp to the smoke of polio!
Don’t you stamp a skull! You may wake some Uncle Joe!

Verse 2
The zombies have risen per se. They keep vultures as their friends.
You invoked them, now the spirits are livid.
You get a high with the sorcery.
Who can escape even on second thoughts?
Welcome your mind to the ambivalence!
Embarked on scary rituals! Now pay the price for your vagary!

Chorus & Solo 1

Wake up every burning soul! They need no mercy!
They paid their toll. Cross-check his wings! Are they authentic? Guardian angel or the fallen one?
We’ll conquer evil, and we’ll save the earth one day.
Did you hear what the kids are braying?
They think their magic is going to mend their stupid ways.
Ghosts don’t like playing childish games!
But we’re lonely! We’re lonely! Boo! Boo! Boo!
We’re lonely! We’re lonely! We’re lonely! Boo! Boo! Boo!

Solo 2

Enjoy the moment! You’ll never know what’s in store.
Enjoy the moment! Don’t let the ghosts feel so low!
Enjoy the moment! Through your body the music flows.
Enjoy the moment! It’s the ghost portfolio!

Everybody haunt your walk! Show the ghosts, that you’re the boss.
Everybody hang your boots! Welcome! Kick the night’s full moon!
Take them to the magic mirror!
They’ll be no reflection, if they’re spirits.
When your evil doubts are confirmed, play exorcist.

Call them fast, take down their names.
Capture all the walking dead!
Don’t expect the last wishes! Just kick their coffin, while they beg.
Before midnight, just dig their graves. Call the undertakers babe!
Push them hard, and hear the thud. Six feet under in the mud!

I dare you to say, “I’m not afraid, it was a nightmare!”