15) A Song for Christ

A Song for Christ – Description
I’m indebted to God for being blessed abundantly. I have seen poverty around me, but I have been fortunate enough not to experience it. I could have been born in poverty, where my only dream would have surely been the probability of getting the next meal. I am very thankful to God, because he has given me the resources I needed to kick-start my odyssey. My parents have seen visions of Jesus Christ on a Good Friday. This inspired me to create this song. This song is a chalice of ecclesiastical philosophy which will help revive the faith of those lost in doubt. We also need to minimize the evil that is conspicuously prevalent by promoting world peace. I’d like to dedicate this song to my religious mother Janet Mendez who has sincerely worked very hard in life. I hope that this song will inspire people to lead a righteous life. God bless.
– Tyrell Mendez

A Song for Christ – Lyrics

Verse 1
Now it’s time for clear thinking, success for a better purpose.
Oh yes indeed, it’s time for rejoicing in what God has freely given.
But one day, God will ask you to account for the gifts he’s given.
So be prepared, and love thy neighbor.
‘Cause what you do, you do it unto him.

Verse 2
Jesus Christ has the power to forgive sins. Let your heart repent!
First seek the kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you.
His words speak louder than any preacher!
No fake eloquence of a talker! Forgive and be forgiven!
Open your heart, and lift the weight of sin.

Died on the cross for your sins.
Scourged for the sake of your whims.
Crowned with the thorns of your will.
And he was always there for you. Always there for you!
When the world has pushed you back,
When the people drive you mad,
I guess it’s time to turn to the Lord, and show the world your back.
Where did the energy come from?
Where have your persecutors gone?
Are they afraid to face the Lord?
Has their conscience cleared up now?

Verse 3
Like Moses split the ocean for the cause of righteousness.
Nobody hears the poor man, but God will fight his case for him.
I’ve given up my selfish intentions.
I guess it’s time to make a great change.
Blest are the peacemakers who preach the language of love.

Verse 4
Be the last to pass judgement, and you’d never be judged.
Be the change the world is lacking, and spread the smile.
Does it cost you a lot?
Share your wealth, and store up treasure in the kingdom of the Lord. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
Let’s save the world as one family!

Chorus, Solo, & Chorus

So will you change for the good? For your kids, I think you should.
So let us do the best we could, for humanity we would.
Do not be afraid, for he’ll be with you. He’s your savior and guide.
Unconditional love, till the end of time through every up and down.
It’s never too late, to enshrine the truth,
And to renounce what’s bad.
He’s exultant in repenting hearts! He forgives us all!