2) I’ll be what you want

I’ll be what you want – Description
The moment her heart stopped fantasizing about me, I realized that something was seriously wrong. She abandoned me because of a reason that is unworthy of remorse. She didn’t acknowledge the fact, that I have professional commitments. Neglecting my professional responsibilities would surely ruin my career. I intentionally hid each problematic situation from her notice in order to keep her cute smile illuminated. Discussing about the demanding pressures of life would surely blemish her pristine beauty. I’ve always had a difficult time at work, but I never told her about my troubles. I didn’t want to spoil the precious moments we had, by talking about negative stuff. She always misconstrued my motives, but it was the innocence of her countenance itself which made the whole pandemonium of life worthwhile. I completely blame myself, as I should have judiciously managed my professional life without neglecting the essence of my love life. I sincerely love you more than anything else in this world, and I have always taken my professional commitments very seriously in order to give you a comfortable life. I want you to understand, that you are my biggest priority in life. I will try my best to be a better man. Please come back dear, as I promise you, I’ll be what you want.

– Tyrell Mendez

I’ll be what you want – Lyrics

Verse 1
This ain’t a country song, until we don’t get along.
Your love is sweeter than wine, and that is all that I want.
This ain’t two summers long. Why don’t you just come along?
Let’s have a pillow fight! Why don’t you stay overnight?

If you’re lonely, if you want me, you can hop in my arms. – (2)
‘Cause it’s really wide, really warm, really like what you want.                                                            Really wide, really warm, I’m out of sight.

I’ll be what you want. – (4)

Verse 2
This ain’t a funny song, or do I look like a clown?
This ain’t a prank or a trick. All I need is a kiss!
Of you I dream all day long! Where do you think you belong?
If you’re deprived, or you’re lost, all you need is my love.

Pre-Chorus, Chorus, and Solo

You look so good. You wanted me to know.
I really mean it girl. I guess I should have shown.
I want you in my heart. My love is raining dear,
‘Cause you look so good tonight.
Been busy with my music, I hate being alone.
Didn’t ever realize the harm that I caused!
Now I feel rich, ’cause you’re right in my arms,
‘Cause you look so good tonight.
I really want to win you back girl!
I think I’ve made my mind up to be a new man.
So tell me, tell me girl, let me love you two times,
‘Cause you look so good tonight.
And there’s only one thing, I ever do regret,
To lose my pricey girl, I’m a loner in this world.
So let me have you back, this goes out to all the girls,
‘Cause you look so good tonight.
I love you! I love you so much girl!
I love you! I love you! I love you so much girl!

Verse 3
Oh you’re the light of my life! How about we ignite?
When I see you, I smile. You’re my only delight!
This seems a non-stop fight, and that’s my clever insight.
I dream of you every night, ’cause you’re my legal right.

Pre-Chorus and Chorus