3) The Subject Love

The Subject Love – Description
There is only one subject, that we don’t have to teach the teens, because they automatically learn it. If you try calling them for extra lectures of that subject, you will be surprised at how they will enthusiastically request you to bombard them with plenty of homework. You will never come across such sincere wholeheartedness, in spite of you being a professor with decades of pedagogic expertise. There is absolutely no need to waste time explaining theories, as the teens are already familiar with the practical aspect of the subject. They invent their own assignments and energetically experiment. It has always been their favorite subject because of the subject’s marvelous ability to transform every normal day into a school picnic. Today is the first day of the current academic year, and you are glad to begin teaching the first lecture of French. You are greatly surprised to witness an empty classroom, and you soon discover, that it’s raining French kisses in the canteen. You instantly take strict disciplinary action by complaining to the parents, but even the parents cordially chide you for intruding the hot privacy of their children. A few days later you are again confronted with the harsh reality of an empty classroom. You angrily complain to the parents again, because all of the teens are absent even though the exams are nearing. The parents then cleverly convince you, that you can always prepare for the exams at some other convenient time, because a sweet date missed, is gone for good. After a few days, the roll call finally says that the students are present, but you still can’t spot them in the class. You know that the teens are getting intimate as usual. Suddenly someone starts blasting this song in the neighborhood, and then you naughtily smile to yourself, because you are now forced to acknowledge the romantic memories of your own youth. You are no longer interested in initiating any punitive action, because you have finally fallen in love with this song. However, don’t boost the volume too loud, when you play this song, because there will surely be a contentious argument in the staffroom regarding the subject which we youth know better.

– We truly love the Subject Love!

The Subject Love – Lyrics

Verse 1
She looks like the next Hollywood actor.
She’s got the looks, and anyone will cast her.
It’s every teenager’s dream to romance her.
She’s got a smile that’s a blockbuster.
Since the day you smiled at me, my fantasies are teased.
Sleepless nights have welcomed me, and my heart is going to bleed.

With looks like that, you don’t have to turn your back,
Since you have your eyes on me, and it’s clear for all to see.
Our thoughts are really bad, and I am a fine lad.
You make my knees go weak, and you drive my world mad.
I know her history! I know her geography!
I know her stats! I like the subject love!
Let’s do some homework and assignments.
Let’s experiment, as we learn the subject love.

Verse 2
She’s got the vibe of a showstopper.
She drives me wild like a horror-thriller.
Gossip is hot in the staffroom.
The principal has seen our make-out scenes.
How I’d long to touch your skin. How I’d long to taste those lips.
How could I ever resist? When today you winked at me.

Chorus and Solo

Verse 3
A solid scolding for me and my sweetheart,
A leaving certificate for us too.
Is it wrong to fall in love?
‘Cause that’s our favorite subject from the lot.
Please keep those crocodile tears away.
You’re going to be the face of the day.
And we’ll be on the rich list, when our movie becomes a hit.


So baby preaching subject love, and dealing subject love.
We feel the subject love.
We teach the subject love. We dream the subject love.
We need the subject love.
It’s been our philosophy, our manifesto, our ideology.
‘Cause love is our conviction, our crazy doctrine, our choice of expression.                                            Love, love, love, love, I love the subject love.