5) Red Alert Guys

Red Alert Guys – Description

The Dystopia of Reality.
Honesty – Does it even exist?
Gratitude – It’s better not to expect it!
Trust – Is it worth the risk?
Respect – Many people often refuse to give it.
Please – You will surely find this word in a dictionary.
Thank You – How often do you hear it?
Sorry – There are times, when even the victim must say it.
Conclusion – Red Alert Guys
– Mr. Prudent

Red Alert Guys – Lyrics

Verse 1
If anybody always claims to speak the truth,
There’s no need to buy that talk, ’cause it’s lies, lies.
If any Johnny says, “He’ll help you become rich!”
Does he himself know how? How to mint dime?
If any agency will offer you a break,
The more he’s going to take. It’s a bribe, bribe.
If any borrower swears to repay you, there’s no bigger fool than you.                                                  Are your brains fried? Red alert guys!

I’m a cynic! I don’t have faith in people!
I’m a skeptic! I don’t have trust in mankind!
I’m meticulous! I blame the crooks for making me so!
I’m Mr. Prudent! My judiciary makes me so cool!

Bridge 1
I’m so cool, so cool, so cool. (2)

Verse 2
If your daughter claims, the project has got her late,
Her boyfriend has got a take, ’cause she’s high, high.
If pending work has got your wife delayed,
Her boss has got more brains and evil eyes, eyes.
So you think your son will be a man? He’ll be of some support.
He’s a disguise! The world is packed with plenty conmen.
They’re shrewder than you think. Keep a watchful eye!
Red alert guys!

Chorus, Bridge 1, Solo 1, & Solo 2

Bridge 2
Red alert guys! It’s rock and roll time.
Red alert guys! It’s rock and roll surprise. Red alert guys!

Bridge 1

Bridge 3
Have you ever wondered how people lead their life?
Is it your concern, when they knife your back?
So are you going to submit to stupid people’s prejudice?
Do you think you’d succeed? Will you swallow your pride?
So when will a hot car clad with a chauffeur drive you uptown to your own great, royal palace?

Bridge 1

Verse 3
If you feel, the whole world has gone against you,
You’re like a one-man gang. They’re out to ruin you.
Their only motto is to see you fall and fail.
They’ll squeeze you like a sponge. They want to mincemeat you.
They’ll never ever want to see you become rich, ’cause jealousy is their job.                                  They got a grudge-filled gall.
The last thing you should never forget, if you give the dogs a thought, it’s your own damn fault. Red alert guys!


They want to see you fail. They’ll make you feel insane.
Your confidence, they’ll break. They want you down the drain!

Solo 2, Bridge 2, Bridge 1, Outro, & Solo 1