6) Who is John Galt ?

Who is John Galt ? – Description
Reading is indeed a wise investment. Books can easily be obtained economically from a public library. I have read a lot of books written by Ayn Rand who strongly spoke in support of individual rights. Her ideas often raise up important questions which deserve consideration that go as follows. Why is every remarkable innovator ridiculed? Why do people criticize an excellent genius? Is there any justification in rejecting a man of supreme ability on any grounds? Why should preference be given on any yardstick other than merit? Unethical people may obtain degrees by fraudulent means, and dishonest people may often succeed by cheating, but sooner or later their dishonesty will surely be exposed. Meritocracy can really help us make better progress. I dedicate this song to Ayn Rand who has always encouraged me to appreciate people who have fabulous ability. – Tyrell Mendez

Who is John Galt ? – Lyrics

Verse 1
I’m richer than Richie Rich. Only fancy clothes I stitch.
I am just a hedonist, hungry for a wealthy niche.
My money lets me indulge in every idiosyncrasy.
I don’t even check the price. I buy it all that treats the eye.

When the big laws don’t detect flaws,
They will favor those in fraud.
The system in which justice is bought.
Do they ever care who is John Galt?

Verse 2
Average people emulate. Failures blame their fate.
The diffident act so fake. Excuses don’t compensate.
I’ll never ever live your way. I’m not a fool to co-operate.
A lion never likes being tamed. The king in me, you cannot slay.

Bridge 1
Righteous laws condemn the looters,
And they always protect the capable.
Only ability must be honored,
To prevent us from heading to the dogs.

Bridge 2
Give me my freedom, that’s all I implore.
Nor do I seek help, nor will I take it.
Men of intellect need no sycophants.
We walk the lonely road, few dare to tread.
We are the men who make history.
Pioneers are we to make discovery.
We make the world go round. Don’t try to stop us now!
‘Cause then you would ask yourself,
“Has the world’s motor stopped?”
Is Atlas shrugging now?

Verse 3
Always play a hero’s role. A stellar presence you should hold.
Let every other grey soul know, what a hefty price you are worth.
Does it appear rational to surrender my self-interest?
Confidence is in my mould, unstoppable one-man show.


Verse 4
I feel like a Howard Roark, trapped amongst empty scores.
When you feel your freedom is gone,
Then you’d know who is John Galt.
High potential at my dawn, is the noble vision I do seek.
Visualize the ideal man, the object of Ayn Rand.

Bridge 1

I see my goal. I don’t care what the critics are saying!
My mind is a rock! I don’t cater to pessimism!
My muzzle knows, it will strike red on each new dartboard.
I know my role. Like Midas, I will turn things to gold.
To see me really fly, you’d need an eagle’s eye.
I’m a loner! Don’t ask why! Can you compete, when you’re shy?
If men succeed or they fail, it’s their own ability.
It’s every man for himself like an end in itself.
My shadow reflects on the world, and I know that the coward is in you, ’cause you’re corrupt, and I’m sure, that you lack the mental strength to thrive by your capacity. You’ll perish like your peers! You’re a barrier to ambitious beings!
If you try to stop us now, Atlas shrugs for war.