7) Ylenia

Ylenia – Description
A Mathematician may often find a solution to a problem with zest.
But now, even the greatest Casanova will never marry the best.
If you are drowned in doubt, then you can put my thesis to the test.
But always remember, that Ylenia is mine,
And you may pick from the rest.
– The Mathnova

The thesis of the Mathnova.
Some girls are your treasure forever.
Some girls are lovely.
Some girls are elegant.
Some girls are nice angels.
Some girls are intelligent.
Some girls are admirable.
Ylenia, Oh!!! She was one of a kind.

Diagrammatic Proof
Y = Your treasure forever
L = Lovely
E = Elegant
N = Nice angels
I = Intelligent
A = Admirable

Ylenia is a gorgeous symbol of excellence,
And I take her as my bride.
I really wish, that every girl was like her. She was one of a kind.
– The Mathnova

Ylenia – Lyrics

Verse 1
I’ll tell you why every boy in town wished,
Their girlfriend was just like Ylenia.
She had the charm, and the elegance of a sleek, posh, fancy car.
I still recall the time she waited for bus number four naught four.
I pictured her in stiletto heels, but my fantasies always needed more.

Ylenia, can hear my song, although she’s far.
Ylenia, she thinks of me almost every hour.

Verse 2
I’ll tell you why every girl in town wished,
That they were a replica of Ylenia.
Her smile was warm, and her lips were sweet,
And she looked a superstar.
Her beauty just serenaded me, as she flicked her silky hair.
Shocking red was the lipstick, that she displayed the other day.


I gave her love, drowned in my passion.
I gave her everything a girl could crave for.
She won my love, and stole my heart.
She’s getting hiccups, when she hears my song.

Chorus, Solo 1, Bridge, Chorus, Solo 2, and Chorus

Wish every girl was like her. Wish every girl was like her.
But there can be no other. She was one of a kind. (2)