8) Change your mind tonight

Change your mind tonight – Description
My personality is quite pedantic. The pursuit of perfection has always been my greatest priority. Self-control is my armor, and time is very precious. Idiosyncratic peculiarities rarely change, and I prefer being cautious instead of acting impetuously. Today is a very important day in my career, but I feel like ignoring all of my professional commitments, because your beauty is incredibly magnetic. Even though my prestigious reputation is in serious jeopardy, I’m still extremely happy to be completely lost in the labyrinth of your vibrant vivacity. I am truly love-struck, because I think about you all the time. Can a man of my stature abandon the supreme discipline he has always advocated? I’ve sincerely invested years of effort by making innumerable sacrifices, and I will not let anything break my dedicated focus.

But in spite of me intrinsically having such intense determination, you have still succeeded in making me risk everything in life, because you’re so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. After me making such an immense sacrifice, I’m sure, that you won’t change your mind tonight, when you’re with me. – A Super Dude

Change your mind tonight – Lyrics

Verse 1
When we met the first time, I felt so great, and that’s a nice sign.
Like a dove, you looked fine. Pinky lips! Do they always mime?
Do you have to look so good on a Monday?
And will you be my lucky girl someday?

The memories! Oh! Yes, they haunt me, since the day you left.
Like a merchant without gold, I am lonely yet.
My chandeliers refuse to shine!
Do you want to bet, or will you change your mind tonight?
Tonight, tonight, when you’re with me.
Will you change your mind tonight? Tonight, when you’re with me.

Verse 2
When we spoke for the first time, I felt sublime.
Did you dig into my love-mine? ‘Cause you make me come alive.
Are you always in a mood on a Monday?
And then you set the mood so cool like a snowflake.

Chorus & Solo 1

Verse 3
When you catwalk, my heart hides.
Has my mind lost its punch-line?
Ever since that face shined, every other was sidelined.
I’m going to leave you spoilt for choice this Monday.
No refusing a super dude, I’m all your taste.

Chorus & Solo 1