9) Make you mine

Make you mine – Description
Please don’t ever get upset with me, because that would surely give me a severe heartache. I want you to know, that you have always been the darling of my dreams. Your captivating beauty always fills me with passionate desires, and your charming features are truly enticing. I’m happy to know, that you expect me to play with your hair from morning to sunset. Your pretty smile makes me joyfully content with life. I want to lovingly cuddle you in my arms forever. I will always enjoy your company more than any other possible form of luxury, because of your shapely eyebrows which tell me a different story each time we get intimate. When we passionately hug each other, our hearts happily beat in harmony. Such romantic intimacy has always been the greatest desire of our hearts. My life would surely be an incomplete puzzle without you, and that is exactly why I’m going to make you mine forever. – Made you mine!

Make you mine – Lyrics

Verse 1
I gave you all my love to last for good.
Tonight I want to love you so much more.
I feel it deep inside of my heart girl,
And all I ever wish, that you’d be near.

But you told me, that you’d see me. You’re my valentine.
Please do hold me, never leave me. I’m going to make you mine!

Pre-Chorus 1
I scanned the globe in search of you,
But there was no equal, ’cause you’re an angel.
No else can be the girl you are! How can they beat ultra?
My quest for you shall never decline, until the hour you comply.
‘Cause when we keep the romance alive,
My lovesick appetite gets so satisfied.

This time, this time, I’m going to make you mine.
The world, the world, we leave them all behind. – (2)
‘Cause I’m going to make you mine.


Verse 2
I see you every night inside my dreams. But when will it be reality?
Insecure thoughts never fail to break my sleep,
‘Cause you’re sleeker than the mermaids in the sea.


Pre-Chorus 2
I’ll never ever want to leave you! You know how I care!
I’ll never want to see you go, a thousand miles away.
I’ll even gift you the brightest star, my galaxy babe.
I’ve got news that will make you smile,
‘Cause I found my girl, and I’ll make her mine.